Long Pleated Scarf Deep Grey


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  • ′This incredible range of high-quality pleated scarves is ideal for those who want to flaunt style and luxury but at the same time, enjoy relentless comfort.

This scarf is one fashion accessory that offers endless possibilities for enhancing your wardrobe. They drape beautifully and can be worn in countless ways, for example, as a shawl, an accent piece, a head covering or a belt or sash. They can add flair and dash to a style, or can add a subtle, refined accent. They can be tied, secured with a jewellery broach, or left to flow gently.

We know you will reach for this scarf again and again. Used as a hijab or accessory, this piece is an excellent addition to any collection.

Long Scarf:

Dimensions: 70 x 172 cm

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Blue, Gold, Green, Grey, Pink, Silver, Yellow


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